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Jazz dance has evolved over the past few years and now includes a vast range of variations & styles. Today’s Jazz may include elements of Street-Jazz, Broadway, Jazz Funk, African Jazz and Contemporary movements. Jazz tends to be a faster paced dance form performed to popular music, new and old. It is a great way to help your co-ordination and build cardiovascular levels in an energetic & performance filled setting.


Tap is offered to students of all levels and concentrates on teaching our dancers the ability to communicate dance through sound. It is a rhythmic form of dance that allows students to create specific sounds through intricate movements of their feet. Tap dancing also increases awareness of rhythm, timing and syncopation.


At Dance Place we offer the Cecchetti method of Ballet.  Ballet is the foundation of good technique for all forms of dance. The Cecchetti training system is a disciplined syllabus of ballet training with careful attention to the rules of the anatomy. It helps to develop proper body control and alignment, foot and arm placement, poise, and grace. Ballet also helps dancers gain strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, which are necessary attributes in all forms of dance.


Acro incorporates both Dance & Gymnastics & is built off of Jazz, Ballet & Lyrical techniques. The goal is to create smooth & fluid transitions between Dance & Acro skills such as handstands, elbowstands, cartwheels, backbends and walkovers to name a few.


Our Nursery program, a perfect intro to dance, features a combination class of 30 minutes each of Ballet and Tap.  This program will introduce small children the basic elements of music and dance.  It is designed to improve basic motor skills, agilty, balance, co-ordination, and rhythm. 

​Dance Place has various levels of Nursery dance.  Junior Nursery 3-4 years old, Senior Nursery 4-5 years old, and Nursery Select 5-6 years old

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a form of theatre combining songs, spoken dialogue and dance. The emotional content of the piece such as humour, love, anger, as well as the story itself, is communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole. Musical Theatre classes will focus on the ability to act, sing, and dance simultaneously.

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is a street style form of dance that is performed mostly to energetic hip-hop music. It is a fun dance style that lets you forget about the conformity of the other techniques. This is a street style of dance open to interpretation from each individual. It involves using energetic moves to express the feeling you get from the music. This form of dance may include popping, locking and breaking.


An expressive form of dance that incorporates a fusion of Jazz & Ballet techniques. This is a very passionate and emotional style of dance that tells a story through choreography. With a strong technical basis, this is a perfect class for the dancer who is seeking the benefits of classic dance technique, but with a more contemporary flavour. A strong Ballet and Jazz foundation will help to enhance the quality of this movement.​


Starting Pointe work is not just a question of age or physical maturity; readiness depends on strength, technique and commitment. Students and parents must realize that there is a serious risk of injury when  Pointe work is introduced too early. The bones of the foot are not fully developed, strengthened and hardened until sometime in the late teens. Students with Ballet training will only be approached by the studio's Ballet director when they are ready and are strong enough to train on Pointe.​


Performance group members are selected by teaching staff and are involved in various competitions and performances each season. All students involved in the Performance Group are required to study Ballet, Tap & Jazz in addition to their weekly Performance Group class. Students in this group will learn the value of discipline and hard work as they are exposed to competitions and public performances.

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