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Dancing For Various Reasons


We understand that students dance for different reasons, and at Dance Place we make every effort to accommodate every one of our dancers individually. A student dancing for pure enjoyment, one hour a week deserves as much dedication and technical training from our instructors as the more career-oriented dancer who is a part of our Performance group. Every student has their own personal goals as a dancer; we are dedicated to helping each individual reach their unique goals & aspirations.



Our History


September 1979 marked the first year of operation for Dance Place Welland, a small, independently run business determined to excel. Dance Place was the vision and dream of owner & Artistic Director Lori DeLuca. With only twenty students and teaching classes out of a small one room facility on South Pelham Rd. DeLuca successfully ran two years of dance at her first location. She then moved to a larger facility also located on South Pelham Rd that had 3 classrooms.


In 2014 we renovated our dance studio located at 397 Thorold Rd., 3500sq feet complete with 3 spacious studios, sprung floors, wall to wall mirrors, ballet barres, an operable partition wall for adjustable classroom sizes, observation windows, student lockers, and a digital viewing lobby. We absolutely love our Thorold Road location, so when it became necessary to purchase a second location due to our tremendous growth we decided to purchase and design a 6500+ sq. ft. building just down the street at 27 Thorold Rd. in 2015. The new state of the art studio is like nothing else in Niagara.  It features all of the bells and whistles that you would expect in a custom designed dance studio.


Dance Place has gone above and beyond any dance school in the Niagara Area to make your visits comfortable and your dance experiences positive. Our cutting edge state of the art studios are definitely one of a kind... and the same, dedicated De Luca family remains at the heart of it all.  Today Dance Place Welland operates at two locations with 20+ professionally trained instructors and we remain the largest and most accomplished Dance School in Niagara.

Contact Info

Dance Place Welland

27 & 397 Thorold Rd., Welland

Phone; 905-735-6335


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